Beijing Xiangshan Forum, whose original name is Xiangshan Forum, was initiated by the China Association of Military Science (CAMS) in 2006 as a track 2 platform for Asia-Pacific security dialogue. It was upgraded as track 1.5 in the 5th Forum in 2014 and started to involve wider participants of defense and military leaders, heads of international organizations, former political personages and retired generals, as well as renowned scholars from both in and out of the Asia-Pacific region. Since 2015, Xiangshan Forum has been co-hosted by CAMS and China Institute of International Strategic Studies (CIISS) and is renamed as Beijing Xiangshan Forum in 2018.So far, Beijing Xiangshan Forum has developed into a high-level security and defense forum in Asia-Pacific with significant international influence. Adhering to the ideas of “Equality, Openness, Inclusiveness, Mutual Learning”, the Forum focuses on the new dynamics, new opportunities and new challenges in Asia-Pacific and even the world as a whole, calls for equal dialogue, beneficial cooperation and shared security. It is committed to pooling collective wisdom, expanding consensus, boosting cooperation, and working to enhance security dialogue and defense contacts, and promote regional peace and stability.